Joining the Expedition

Choose a Deity and enter Expedition.

1. Select the Expedition tab of the Left Nav.

To deposit in an Expedition you must choose a Deity (think god-totem), take a look here for more information on Deities:


Expeditions will now have a risk slider (your FAITH) allowing you to adjust your risk profile easily to take either a smaller guaranteed win or larger riskier wins with a higher chance of zero reward.

3. Freeze Summit to unlock Everest to participate in the Expedition

4. The Amount of Everest owned is your "BET" (but never at risk).

5. Your potential winnings amount is shown. It is always in SUMMIT and USDC

Change your Deity:

1. Open the Expedition tab from the Left Nav.

2. Click on the other Deity.

3. Confirm switch (May require transaction if funds already staked in the Expedition.)

4. Hard Refresh (control + shift + r) to make sure the swap happened

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