Totems FAQ

How many Totems are there at each elevation?

ElevationTotem CountChance of winning (%)














2 Deities

Dependent on round

Does changing my totem have a penalty?

There is no fee or penalty associated with switching Totems, other than gas.

If I switch Totems, do I lose my yield being risked?

No, your yield will move with you to the new Totem and will be included in the next round end event.

Can I switch my Totem for only one farm?

Totems are designed to represent you at all farms of an elevation, and this limitation is designed to prevent Totem management from being a necessary grind to make the most of Summit DeFi.

When does switching Totems require a transaction?

If your Totem is 'in use' (funds staked) at the elevation already. Switching a totem that is already in use requires your funds to be moved to the new Totem, requiring a transaction and costing gas.

Which Totem is mathematically superior?

All totems have an identical chance of being chosen winner of a round. Totems with less funds staked than their peers have a higher payout, as they contribute less rewards but still win the entire pot.

We expect this will encourage users to arbitrage the staked amounts of each totem, allowing users less inclined to hunt for small advantages the same opportunities.

How often can I change my Totem?

You can change your Totem an unlimited amount of times, however as with all transactions, they are locked 60 seconds before round end.

How are Totems and Deities different?

Totems and Deities function very similarly, both represent your staked funds in Farms and Expeditions respectively.

The key difference is that the comparative strength of each of the two Deities changes for each Expedition round. Thus, each round will have a different chance of each Deity winning (this is clearly shown throughout the entire duration of the round), and it is up to the users to either switch, or remain, with their selected Deity across multiple rounds.

Subconsciously, this lets users know to expect something different from the Expedition.

Can I have a different totem for each farm of an elevation?

No, we wanted to keep Totems fun, and allowing micromanaging of your totem for every pool you enter will make elevation farming a chore. If you MUST min-max everything, you can do so with multiple accounts.

When will I be able to buy my Totem as an NFT?

The team is currently working through different NFT models. We are working with our artist to create different tiers of Totems for you to add to your wallet.

Tentatively, we are looking at burning half of the SUMMIT used to buy NFTs.

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