Expeditions are the pinnacle of Summit DeFi, and act purely as a reward for SUMMIT holders.

What are Expeditions?

Welcome to Expeditions. This is what it's all been building up to, where diamond hand EVEREST holders reap the rewards beyond farming and winning our wonderful token.

While you have been having fun risking your yields and winning the yields of others, rallying your totems, and increasing your bag of EVEREST, your assets have been hard at work all week earning yields and filling up the Expedition prize pot.

Every day we have an Expedition draw where funds from the prize pot is distributed to winning EVEREST holders.

Your EVEREST is automatically entered for the draw daily. All you have to do is choose your Cosmic Deity - The noble BULL or trickster BEAR.

Yee of little FAITH can choose to go with Guaranteed Rewards or should your FAITH in your deity be great, you can risk more for a chance of greater rewards than those of little FAITH.

If your deity wins then congrats, you have won a share of the Expedition prize pot based on how much EVEREST you deposited in to the Expedition.


Expeditions are no simple 50:50. We always want the COSMIC BULL have greater chance to win so we have weighted this slightly in his favor. The actual percentage win chance of COSMIC BULL is determined by the previous round, and is always between 50-90%.

Those that choose to side with the COSMIC BEAR will always have a lower chance of winning, but can potentially reap larger rewards should COSMIC BEAR snag the win.

For more information on Expeditions, begin here:

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