Less of a true roadmap and more of a tour of the future of Summit DeFi. Dates stated are estimates, however we will clearly communicate if there is a change. We are committed to making SUMMIT a lasting player in the DeFi world. We have put too much work in to be happy with the standard 1 month birth & death cycle of yield farms, so take a look below to see what our future holds.


  • March 2021 - Ideation of Summit DeFi Begins
  • March 2021 - Land on Yield Multiplier, and begin initial discovery phase of development
  • May 2021 - MVP of Yield Multiplier finished and tested internally, full commitment to Summit DeFi
  • Early July 2021 - Contracts Completed for Yield Multiplier, Oasis Farming, Expeditions, and Referrals. Additionally full testing suite created.
  • Early July 2021 - Hire illustrator to create our Totem and Deity artworks
  • Late July 2021 - Contracts Polished **with Elevating, Cross Compounding, Random Number Generation system, and Expedition Multi-Staking.
  • Late July 2021 - Frontend Finalized with near final version of Contracts
  • August 2021 - **Begin Audit process with Obelisk
  • September 2021 - **Begin outreach for partners in DeFi, launch platforms, and marketing partnerships

Early Q4 2021

  • Receive final audit completion from Obelisk
  • Launch summit on Fantom Opera (see launch timeline to understand how the launch will look)
  • Standard token listings (coingecko / CMC)
  • Grow socials presence, partnerships and giveaways

Q1 2022

Create Summit NFTs (more info coming soon)
Will begin after launches settle and resources free up
  • Audit of Summit V2
  • Launch SUMMIT V2 on Fantom Opera
  • Grow socials presence, partnerships and giveaways

Q2 2022+ (Speculative)

  • Launch on Polygon
  • Launch on Other Chains (TBD)
  • Create exclusive EVEREST pools for partners & guests
  • Create and establish the EVEREST DAO
  • Create Summit NFTs (more info coming soon)
  • Create NFT marketplace page of summit.defi
  • Create NFT based profiles, integrate NFTs into tokenomics
  • NFT staking expeditions, stake NFTs and earn stablecoins
  • Begin creation of new yield multiplying skill based games
  • Release skill based yield multiplying games
  • Apply to exchanges to list SUMMIT token