Totems and Elevations

TOTEMS - What are these adorable creatures and why should I care?

Totems are your champions of the Elevation Farms, they are working hard to make sure you win big and boost your SUMMIT yields. They battle 24/7, for your yields, so show them some support!

You will have a unique totem for each elevation you stake in. All farms at an elevation will share your Totem, so choose wisely! Although if you do feel like your totem is no longer for you, then you're able to kick it to the curb and pick yourself a new one. No hard feelings. Apart from the one you kicked to the curb.


ELEVATION FARMS - Yield Multiplying to earn big*

Elevation Farms are round based farms where you risk your accrued SUMMIT yields. We have created 3 elevations for you to explore, each with different risk-reward profiles. Each Elevation features a unique roster of Totems, and you will pick only one to be your champion.

Here is breakdown of key details for each of the elevations (including OASIS for comparison):

How to Elevation Farm

  1. Select your totem for an elevation.

  2. Stake tokens / LP in an elevation farm.

  3. Accumulate yield to multiply over duration of round.

  4. Wait for round to rollover to see if you win or lose.

  5. If you win, collect your Summit or wait for more of it to vest - your choice!

To see screenshots of the elevation farming process, see the in depth pages on how to select a totem and how to yield multiply.

Mathematically Guaranteed

Elevation farms are guaranteed to earn more SUMMIT rewards than corresponding OASIS farms, due to the allocation boost they get by default. Higher elevations are given a much higher allocation boost, but the chance of winning is lower at higher elevation, so it may take longer for the RNG to play out in your favor.

As an example, The PLAINS features 2 totems, each with a 50% chance of win. After only two rounds staked in the plains, you would expect one win and one loss. Averaging out over time and with the allocation boost included, you will have won 10% more SUMMIT than the corresponding OASIS farm.

For more information on the allocation boost, or elevation farming in general, take a look here:

Totems and Elevations

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