SUMMIT is the currency of the Summit DeFi ecosystem. It is earned as a reward in Oasis and Elevation farms, and it is used to earn EVEREST - which allows you to take part in daily Expeditions for the chance to win big!


SUMMIT can either be bought by following the links on the website to the DeFi exchange, or earned through staking in Oasis farms or Elevation farms. Elevation farming allows you to further increase your SUMMIT yields by winning not just your own, but other user's staking yield as well.

Half of any Summit earned or won vests over the duration of the next 30 days.

For more in depth information on the full Tokenomic profile of SUMMIT:



SUMMIT can be locked to receive Everest, the Expedition earning token in our ecosystem. Only Summit can be locked to receive Everest, making it a key token in our ecosystem.

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Expeditions reward holders of EVEREST with large daily pots. 50% of Fairness Tax and 60% of the passthrough strategy rewards are used to build these pots, utilizing the full TVL of Summit DeFi to incentivize long term holding of EVEREST. All this farming is funnelled into daily expeditions, offering massive earning potential to all holders of EVEREST. Expeditions are designed as events to reward EVEREST holders, allowing you to increase your winnings every day. If you aren't so lucky they will be back the following day.

All in all: The more SUMMIT you own, the more EVEREST you can unlock, the larger your potential Expedition winnings.

In depth information on Expeditions can be found here:

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