How to: Select/Change Your Totem

Initial Totem Selection

To unlock an elevation, you will have to choose a preliminary Totem to guide you. This can be changed at any time.

1. Select Elevation farms from the Left Nav.

2. Select your elevation from the top Nav (we have selected plains for this example)

3. Click Select Totem

4. Choose your Totem

5. Hit Confirm

Change Totem

You can switch your Totem at any time without penalty or fee. All funds you have staked across an elevation will be moved to the new Totem.

Totem FAQ For further details.

1. Select Elevation to switch Totem for from Left Nav.

2. Select the 'Switch Totem' Icon to the Left of your Totem.

3. Within the Modal, select your New Totem.

4. Confirm your New Totem. (If you already have funds staked at this elevation, confirmation will require a transaction to switch funds to new Totem.)

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