Summit Team

Summit Team

Our team is a small group of DeFi enthusiasts, dedicated to supporting and improving the underlying DeFi ecosystem through expansion of the available options to the community, introducing unique mechanics to the Fantom ecosystem.

Building Summit DeFi was not a short nor easy project, taking a huge amount of time and dedication, something we would never have undergone if we weren't committed to creating one of the most exciting new projects in the DeFi space. Though we can't offer a stoneclad guarantee, we have done everything in our power to make Summit Defi a lasting and meaningful project in the space.

Team Members

If you would like to reach out to us, our tags are:

  • Architect (Founder, Dev)

    • discord - Architect#6339

    • tg - @architect_dev

  • CCN (Founder)

    • discord - CCN#4487

    • tg - @JohnSlack

  • Yankee Ruin X (Founder)

    • discord - Yankee Ruin X ™#1681

    • tg - @YankeeRuinX

  • Kuo (Founder)

    • discord - Kuo#1337

    • tg - @SummitKuo

  • Derteil (Marketing)

    • discord - derteil (sum,mit)#9926

    • tg - @Derteil00

**We will never DM you first, **please avoid the scams and never respond to unsolicited DM's.

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